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Symphony Research provides perspectives on overvalued and undervalued global equities, quality-of-earnings analysis to professional money managers and portfolio advisory services for foreign institutional investors (FIIs) in India.

We also provide indepth company reports that provide detailed business insights and customized analytics where valuations and investment opinion is outside the scope of an engagement or can’t be offered with reasonable certainty.

Our services are broadly categorized under :

  • Value based Investment Research:

    Our research inculcates an investing philosophy that is deeply grounded in value investing framework, wherein we endeavour to find undervalued global equities that are trading well below their intrinsic value and definitely avoid investments that we deem overpriced.

    Our research is shaped by our understanding that market prices move between high and low valuations, akin to yin and yang. In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang represents seemingly opposite forces within a greater whole- that are interconnected and interdependent and both transform and balance one another. The interpretation of the Chinese Yin/Yang principle is the waxing and waning of financial markets offers profitable investing opportunities for those with insight, discipline and patience.

    The firm scours across global equity markets for companies with strong balance sheet and sound businesses that have become attractive due to pessimism driven by events that have a temporary impact. Our conviction is guided by Warren Buffett’s profound insight, “the secret has been out for fifty years, ever since Graham and Dodd wrote Security Analysis. So far there has been no discernable erosion in the wide discrepancies between price and value in the marketplace.”

  • Portfolio advisory - India focused

    Symphony Research provides independent and accurate investment advice on investing in India. Symphony Research is one of the very few firms that focus on corporate governance practices and financial statements research, both of which throw up investment conclusions that are divergent to broker research.

    Corporate governance is India is mostly weak, with insiders and owner management getting significantly more benefits than shareholders. It is imperative to invest in companies where the board & management are honest, and acting for the good of all. The last two decades in India have indisputably established that bad corporate governance trumps superior industry growth prospects and drags down investment returns.

    In important sectors, government policies and regulations matter as much as balance sheets, and pose a major overhang on business performance.

    Symphony Research advices global investors in understanding the risks and focus on companies with growth potential, good balance sheet and cheap valuation.

  • Analytics

    Research Support

    Symphony Research provides quick, efficient and cost effective support to research by compiling, analyzing and presenting relevant data in the following areas:

    • Reviewing and analyzing SEC filings based on client-customized templates.
    • Providing analysis on key events such as Insider Sales, Stock Option Plan comparisons, Buybacks, M&As.
    • Preparing financial models.
    • Earnings notes

    Company Intelligence Reports

    We provide customized company intelligence reports across a broad range of industries. The reports draw on in-depth primary and secondary research and cover a company's product & service portfolio, management, goals & strategies, segment performance and analysis, financial health, analysis of profitability and management effectiveness, trends in revenues, operating costs and Capex, SWOT and risk analysis. The reports also include competitor comparison, industry challenges, and much more.

    Quality-of-Earnings & Assets Analysis

    Symphony Research focuses on a company’s financial statements and accounting policies in order to provide insight beyond the reports of SELL side research. Symphony Research seeks to provide in-depth insights into the financial statements, accounting practices and policies, and quality-of-earnings of publicly traded companies. The highest instances of creative accounting coincide or occurs after peak valuations making it most imperative to be watchful, as these could indicate signals of stress.


Jim Chanos

“… numerous studies have shown that most rational people’s decision-making breaks down in an environment of negative reinforcement… You’re basically told that you’re wrong in every way imaginable every day. It takes a certain type of individual to drown that noise and negative reinforcement out and to remind oneself that their work is accurate and what they’re hearing is not.”

Source- Graham & Doddsville (Winter 2012)

East Coast Asset Management Second Quarter 2012 Update – The Beekeepers

Insightful Excerpts

Competitive advantage is always top-of-mind and thus, fittingly, at the top of the hexagon. Of the six attributes of a great business, we will devote 90% of our intellectual horsepower to understanding if the competitive moat around the business is widening or narrowing.